Important to Read

Each item is made to order and means I don’t accept cancellations or refunds.

If a customer filed a chargeback or dispute wrongly, or with the intent to commit fraud the price per shirt will increase to the amount of the order plus fees occurred. The minimum amount added to the cost is $25 and the maximum amount being $85 per transaction. The customer will be responsible for all fees and will be required to repay those fees plus the amount of the order. 

Any mistakes or issues I must be contacted within 3 business days of delivery if an item is returned for a wrong address, insufficient address, return to sender etc. the buyer will be responsible for paying the reship fee if $4.01.

No refunds will be issued.please keep in mind all items are unisex sizing and when ordering bleach items each item will vary with the bleach pattern but also the colors thrown will vary from yellow, tan, orange, pink, white, and grey .


Giftcards: All giftcards will expire after 90 days. Please be advised. If this expires it will become disabled and unable to be used.

All will be relatively the same but it’s possible the colors can vary due to oxygen, sunlight and fabric.

Please be advised.All sublimation images are 8.5xll inches please note this for sizing. Tie dye will also vary because each item is hand dyed so no two shirts will be exact but I do try to get them close!

I can be reached at:

If you do not contact me via this method you may not  receive a direct response .

ALERT - All shirts are washed in tide and downy due to bleaching!!